Amp Mod Heaven

I accept no responsibility or liability for the outcome of using any mods listed in this section.
The following mods are provided for informational purposes only and to be used

Fender Mods

Overdrive Channel
EL34 Conversion
Channel Bridging
Harmonic Distortion
Hum Reduction
Rectifier Failsafe
More Warmth
More Gain
More Midrange
More Treble
Champ Quiet Heater Wiring Mod
Champ Tweedifying Mod
Silverface to Blackface Conversion
Reissue Reverb Units
Reverb Enhancement
Hotrod Champ
Hotrod Princeton
Princeton "Prince-O-Wails"
Clean Deluxe Reverb
Dumble Mod #1
Dumble Mod #2
Dumble Mod #3

Marshall Mods

Cream Switch
More Gain
Touch Response
4210/2205 Diode Gain Removal-Schem
4210/2205 Diode Gain Removal-Text
2205/4210 Gain
2203/2204 Tone
2203/2204 Tonestack
JCM800 Warmup
JCM800 Bright Caps

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